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Introducing Dwayo

Dwayo is an integrated AI solutions provider company. Our goal is to extend benefits of AI to small and medium businesses, particularity in emerging economies. We aim to provide integrated solutions that these businesses can implement with their often limited IT resources.

We believe AI should be accessible to all, as openly and as equally as possible. Our venture is exciting and challenging in many ways but we believe that the vision is right.

A bit of history

After the initial hype of the perceptron machine, noted scientists brushed the idea aside by theoretically proving it to be naive. But it all changed in the 2000s when deep learning started making impact on the industry.

Growth of deep learning in this decade was propelled by cheaper and yet superior computing power on the cloud. What was back then a difficult model training task for a large corporation is now an easy one, even for a school kid with free training hardware on the cloud.

The future and the challenges

Consumers are immensely benefited by large corporations putting the power of AI right into their hands. Voice searches are already a considerable portion of search engine queries. Unfortunately, the same is not true about small and medium businesses.

AI adoption in this segment is very low and in emerging economies it’s virtually zero. Such a disparity exists not only because these businesses couldn’t recognise the benefits of AI in their processes or products, but also because these industries lack the infrastructure to build or incorporate new technologies.


We at Dwayo want to bring the power of AI to these businesses, transforming their processes and improving their products. We aim to bridge geographic disparity in AI adoption, that’s why our first office is located in a remote and arid Indian district.

Dwayo’s co-founder Devji Chhanga had been driving academics and research at Kachchh University’s Department of Computer Science. Another co-founder Dhavan Vaidya has years of experience in creating innovation with technologies.

In a next couple of years you’ll see our products making lives better and businesses smarter.

You can follow us on Twitter at @DwayoTech