Category: Microservices

  • How to Generate Python Code from Protobuf

    Protocol Buffers, which are protobuf for short, is much compact than XML and JSON and hence a great choice for designing efficient inter-service communication. In this post we will see how to generate Python code from protobuf code.

  • Leveraging Dapr in Microservices Design

    Dapr emerges as a compelling toolkit for microservices design, providing a set of abstractions and features that simplify the complexities of distributed systems. Its technology-agnostic approach, coupled with consistent abstractions and resilience features, makes it an invaluable asset for developers navigating the intricacies of microservices architecture. By integrating Dapr into microservices design, developers can enhance…

  • Microservices Design Principles

    Microservices architecture has become a cornerstone in modern software development, revolutionizing the way applications are designed, developed, and maintained. This article delves into the intricate technical aspects of microservices design principles, elucidating the key considerations that architects and developers must bear in mind when crafting resilient, scalable, and maintainable microservices-based systems.

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